The latest update to the internal organization of the Department of Civil Protection is effective from June 15, 2021 and occurred with a decree of the Secretary General signed on November 24, 2020.

The Department is divided into Offices and Services. Under the direct authority of the Head of the Department operate the Deputy Head of the Department with the Litigation Service, the Department's Communication Policies and Press Office, the Secretariat of the Head of the Department, the Special Programs Service, the Legal Advisor Service and a first level Executive with advisory, study and research duties.

To ensure continuity in the coordination of the National Service and the direction of the Department, the Deputy Head of the Department replaces the Head of the Department in his duties and responsibilities in case of absence, vacation or impediment, exercising specific functions directly delegated by the Head of the Department.

The Office of the Operational Director for Emergency Coordination supports the Head of Department in the coordination and unitary direction of emergency activities.

The Office for the coordination of legal, legislative and litigation activities supports the Head of Department in the exercise of activities for the coordination of forecasting, prevention, contrast and overcoming of the emergency.

The Department includes six additional offices, divided into services: Office I - Voluntary work and resources of the National Service; Office II - Technical and scientific activities for risk forecasting and prevention; Office III - Planning and emergency infrastructure interventions; Office IV - Activities for overcoming the emergency; Office V - Human and instrumental resources and general operating services; Office VI - Administration and budget.

  • Head of Department Secretariat
  • International relations and activities
  • Press Office of the Department
  • Organizational unit responsible for NRRP related functions.
  • Senior executive with advisory, study and research functions.
  • Civil Protection Communication and Culture Service
  • Emergency planning and exercises
  • Operational support in emergency
  • Sala situazione Italia and Operations Centre for Maritime Emergencies– COEMM
  • Joint Air Operations Centre – COAU
  • Mobility and essential services
  • Legal and legislative activity service
  • Litigation service
  • Volunteering 
  • Emergency Resources and Facilities Service on national and local level
  • Health Resources Service
  • Emergency Telecommunications Service
  • Central Functional Centre
  • Seismic risk 
  • Volcanic risk 
  • Environmental, man-made and forest fire risks
  • Hydraulic, Hydrogeological and coastal risk
  • Emergency Housing Service
  • Emergency school and university facilities service
  • Emergency territorial continuity service
  • Emergency Overcoming Service
  • Damage assessment service
  • Ordinary management service
  • Personnel management
  • IT and communication systems
  • General operation services management
  • Training service
  • Budget, programming and financial affairs service
  • Contractual policies and agreements service
  • Economic Treatment Service