States of emergency for seismic risk


This section contains data on the states of emergency declared for seismic events since May 2013 - i.e. since the application of the changes introduced by Law Decree no. 93/2013, converted by Law no. 119/2013 - or declared before May 2013 but still open because extended by law (unlike the general discipline introduced by Law no. 100/2012). For each emergency are indicated the data relating to the measures adopted, the Commissioner Delegate, the references of the special account, the amounts reported by the Regions for the request of the state of emergency and aimed at covering the expenses for urgent interventions and the first estimate of the damage, the resources allocated and those transferred, the recognition carried out by the Commissioners Delegate of the needs for the restoration of structures and infrastructure, public and private, and for the compensation of damages suffered. Where available, an indication is also provided of the appropriation made after recognition of the need to restore the damage. Lastly, the administration ordinarily responsible for coordinating interventions once the state of emergency has been closed is indicated.