Controlled private law entities


As provided for by art. 22 of Legislative Decree no. 33/2013, we publish on this page the list of private law entities controlled by the administration with an indication of the functions assigned and the activities carried out in favor of the administration or public service activities entrusted.

Name of entity: Fondazione Eucentre (European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering)
Functions and activities: technical and scientific advice in the field of earthquake engineering, also in collaboration with other Centers of Competence, with particular regard to aspects related to the evaluation and reduction of seismic risk. Development of specific projects, experimental and numerical, for the verification and validation of guidelines and normative documents in the field of earthquake engineering. Development of specific projects for the verification of technologies and materials to be used for seismic risk reduction. Coordination and development of training activities, also at international level, with the involvement of other universities and institutions. Cooperation in the organization of courses and handouts, as well as in the printing and dissemination of manuals and documents. Collaboration to the development and maintenance activities of databases and seismic scenarios of interest for civil protection.

Name of institution: Fondazione CIMA (Centro Interuniversitario di Monitoraggio Ambientale) 
Functions and activities: Knowledge development activities, also in collaboration with other Centers of Competence, i.e. coordinating other technical-scientific subjects, in the fields of atmospheric and sea dynamics, hydrometeorology, hydrology and hydraulics, assessment and management of natural and anthropogenic and industrial risks, risk from fires in forest and rural areas and risk from polluted territories, both with regard to the Italian territory and environment and with regard to the activities of technical and scientific support to international activities on the subject of risk of populations for civil protection purposes. Activities necessary for the adaptation, maintenance and enhancement of systems for the collection, processing and display of hydropluviometric information and forecasting systems aimed at real-time hydrological weather surveillance activities already existing at the Department, as well as their extension to the whole national territory. Support activities and technical and scientific assistance, as well as operational, for the implementation and management of both the National Weather Radar Network and the Central Functional Center and the daily forecast system of the predisposition of the national territory to the initiation of forest fires and rural areas promoted by the Department also within the Major Risks Commission. Support activities and technical and scientific assistance, as well as operational, for the realization of the industrial risk sector in multi risk functional centers. Training and assistance to the training of personnel of the Department and of the Regions. Applied research activities and technical-scientific assistance for legal aspects related to civil protection responsibility in the management of different risks.