Permanent commission

The Permanent Commission is established by decree of the Head of the Civil Protection Department to examine the proposals for the conferment of public merit. It submits the positively evaluated candidatures to the Head of the Department of Civil Protection, who proposes them, in turn, to the President of the Council of Ministers for the subsequent granting decree.

The measure identifying the components is the decree of the Head of the Department of Civil Protection signed on March 27, 2018 with repertoire n.1357 of March 29, 2018. Subsequently, the composition of the Commission has been amended by the Decree of the Head of Department No. 3405 of October 9, 2019. 

The Commission, which operates for free, is composed of:

- three experts, one of whom shall act as chairman, identified among officials and officers in service or retired from the civil administration, the Armed Forces and the Armed Corps of the State who perform or have performed duties in the honorary sector, as well as among experts in the field of undoubted authority;
- an executive of the Department of Civil Protection, with the function of vice-president, who designates a substitute and identifies the secretary of the commission, chosen among the staff of the Department;
- a component of the National Council of Civil Protection Volunteers, designated by the Council itself;
- a representative designated by the Defence General Staff;
- a representative designated by the Ministry of the Interior;
- a representative of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces and a representative of local authorities, designated by the Unified Conference established by Legislative Decree 28 August 1997, n. 281.