Conferral requirements

Proposing bodies must produce:

For award on an individual basis
- A curriculum vitae of the candidate;
- A detailed report on the circumstances underlying the person's actual meritorious participation in the civil protection operations for which the award is required and the activities performed to raise the image of the National Civil Protection Service;
- A certification proving the person has spent a period of not less than 15 days, including non-consecutive days, in the places covered by the civil protection operations for which the merit is requested;
- A self-certification of the person reported that attests to not having been convicted of non-culpable offenses and not being charged with criminal proceedings for non-culpable offenses and to be exempt from tax prejudices or relating to the regularity of contributions;
- To have carried out significant activity, for a period of no less than five years, at the reporting body.

For collective conferment
- The proposing bodies must produce a detailed report on the activity they have carried out during the civil protection operations for which the award is requested. Also, subjects of a private nature must produce a self-certification attesting to the absence of criminal and fiscal prejudices against them.

The discovery of untrue declarations contained in the documentation produced in order to request certification of public merit entails:
- in the preliminary phase, rejection of the application;
- if recognition has already been granted, revocation of the certificate of public merit;
- revocation of any other certificate of public merit.