Controlled public bodies


Below we publish the list of public bodies controlled by the Department of Civil Protection

Body name: Inter-university Consortium Reluis
Functions and activities: support to the activities of technical management of the emergency, in particular with regard to damage assessments and post-seismic agility of buildings and infrastructures that are strategic or relevant to the consequences of their collapse. Support to activities related to seismic prevention programs. Knowledge development activities, also in collaboration with other Centers of Competence, or coordinating other technical-scientific subjects for the definition, organization and development of study and research programs integrated at national level, with the involvement of Universities, research bodies and private individuals, in the field of earthquake engineering. Development of pre-regulatory documents related to structural types not yet considered in the standards. Assistance to the drafting of technical standards. Collaboration to training, communication and dissemination activities on issues of vulnerability, exposure and seismic risk.