Diploma of public merit

According to the certificate of public merit conferred by the President of the Council of Ministers, the Department of Civil Protection provides, at its own expense, the issuance and forwarding of diplomas.

In case of mistakes, the diplomas must be returned, along with the application for correction, to the Department of Civil Protection, which will always provide at its own expense to the issuance of a new document, replacing the former document.

In case of theft or loss of the diploma, the recipient must report the incident to the Department, attaching a copy of the complaint, submitted to the authority of public safety and send it to the Pec address of the Department protezionecivile@pec.governo.it.

In case of deterioration, the diploma must be returned to the Department, which will issue a duplicate at its own expense. The Department may provide for the reprinting and mailing of the duplicate diploma only once. Subsequent reprints are at the expense of the recipient.

For further information you can refer to the email benemerenze@protezionecivile.it