Deputy Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department: Immacolata Postiglione
Phone: 06/68204643

The Deputy Head of Department supports the Head of Department in the performance of his tasks, replacing him in all his duties and responsibilities in case of absence, holiday leave or impediment.

In addition, the Deputy Head of Department:

  1. assists the Head of the Department in the activities of networking with the Departments, Offices and other structures of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and with institutional entities responsible for forecasting, prevention, management and overcoming the emergency; 
  2. promotes the activity of connection and coordination between the Offices and Services of the Department;
  3. coordinates the procedures for the identification of the Responsible Officer of works and contractual execution, also for the organization of specific support units; 
  4. coordinates the Department's document management policies;
  5. coordinates the activities related to the design, programming, implementation and monitoring of agreements and conventions with other administrations or components and operational structures, and the implementation of new technologies;
  6. coordinates the communication activities of the Department and the dissemination of civil protection culture;
  7. coordinates the management of the Monitoring Centre on good practices in the field of civil protection activities.

The Deputy Head of Department, in the exercise of his functions, is supported by the following Service: 


The Civil Protection Communication and Culture Service:

  1. Design, planning and implementation of the Department's information and communication activities, drafting and updating of the institutional website, promotion of initiatives oriented to new media;
  2. collection, monitoring and sharing of digital documentation on the public activities of the Department;
  3. relations with citizens through the Department's Contact Center;
  4. development of organizational models and procedures to promote the coordination of communication activities in emergencies;
  5. design, planning and implementation of initiatives to spread the culture of civil protection and encourage the active participation of citizens;
  6. design, planning and implementation of projects dedicated to students of schools of all levels and universities, on civil protection;
  7. design, planning and implementation of civil service projects of the Department;
  8. management of preliminary investigations for the granting of patronage by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to the events of interest and merits of civil protection