Patronage is a form of adhesion or manifestation of appreciation by the Civil Protection Department for initiatives seen as deserving for their social, cultural, artistic and scientific aims.

The patronage is granted free of charge and does not imply further commitments of any kind by the Civil Protection Department.


Further informations:

Dipartimento della Protezione Civile –
Ufficio Promozione e Integrazione del servizio nazionale

Servizio Relazioni istituzionali e Organi collegiali

Via Ulpiano, 11 - 00193 Roma

Phone. 06 68204097


Patronage by the Civil Protection Department may be granted for initiatives promoted preferably by bodies and associations and not by private individuals. Profit-earning initiatives are automatically excluded.

When patronage is granted, the organisers can refer to it in all the media used to publicise the initiative, such as announcements, posters, brochures, etc.

Together with patronage, use of the logo can also be requested at the same time. This request will be evaluated by the Department Communications Service.

The patronage and logo granted can only be used for the event in the request. If the event is repeated every year, a new request must be presented each time.

To request patronage and use of the logo the following must be sent by fax or ordinary post, at least 90 days before the date of the event:

  • the form available on this site
  • the illustrative report of the initiative
  • draft of the program
  • the draft of the promotional and advertising material

The application must be signed by the representative of the requesting organization or association. The documentation must be sent by certified e-mail, and the subject of the request must bear the words "Patronage request for...". The references to send the request for sponsorship are the following:

Dipartimento della Protezione Civile
Ufficio Volontariato, promozione e integrazione del Servizio Nazionale
Servizio Relazioni istituzionali e organi collegiali
Via Ulpiano, 11 - 00193 Roma


Once the application has been registered and assigned to the office, the preliminary investigation procedure begins and, if necessary, an opinion is requested from our competent offices on the merits of the initiative. If the opinion is favorable, i.e., the initiative is recognized as worthy, the application is sent to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Office of State Ceremonial and Honors, for clearance. Once the clearance is obtained, the granting of patronage is communicated and contact is made with the communications office regarding the use of the logo.

In case of a negative evaluation, or in case of a short deadline, the procedure ends with the communication of the negative evaluation and the motivation thereof.

The Head of the Civil Protection Department authorises use of the logo. In the case of authorisation, the Department Communications Service contacts those making the request directly with instructions for publication and files for printing.

The logo and words “Prime Ministerial Office - Civil Protection Department” may for no reason whatsoever be used for anything other than the initiative for which they have been authorised.

Improper use is liable to prosecution. Offenders also face a prison sentence of up to six years, pursuant to article 497-ter of the Italian penal code, for unauthorised use of the above logo in territories where the state of emergency has been declared in compliance with Italian law no. 225/92, this provision is laid down by art. 15, paragraph 3, of decree-law no. 39 of 28 April 2009, converted with law no. 77 of 24 June 2009.