Office VI - Administration and budget

Manager: Manuela Messina

The Office of Administration and Budget:

a) coordinates the action of the Department aimed at the development of organizational models and procedures related to accounting activities for the management and overcoming the emergency;

b) coordinates activities aimed at planning, management and control of financial resources of the Civil Protection Fund, the Fund for national emergencies, those assigned for purposes of the law and those aimed at the operation of the Department and management control;

c) ensures the technical and administrative coordination for the procurement of goods and services, supplies and works the signing of conventions and memoranda of understanding for the activities of forecasting and risk prevention and for the management and overcoming the emergency and for the signing of departmental acts;

d) provides for the fulfillment of obligations relating to the economic treatment of staff and collaborators and tax and social security obligations;

e) coordinates contacts with the competent Inspectorate of the General State Accounts Office with regard to the activation of inspections on the management of commissioners or the incumbent party in the ordinary management and in relation to the fulfilments deriving from these activities.

The Office is divided into the following Services

Manager: Giulio Mastracchio
phone: 06/68204015

The Budget, Programming and Financial Affairs Service deals with:

  1. management and monitoring of the financial resources of the Fund for National Emergencies, the Civil Protection Fund, those assigned for purposes of law and those aimed at the functioning of the Department;
  2. relations with the supervisory bodies in relation to the acts of management of financial resources, for which it provides feedback on the related coverage;
  3. management of the Department's cash service;
  4. design, planning and implementation of activities aimed at ensuring management control;
  5. inspection activities carried out by the competent bodies of the State Accounting Department on the management of commissioners or of those who take over the ordinary administration and consequent fulfilments.


      Manager: Silvana Transilico

      The Contractual Policies and Agreements Service deals with:

      1. development of organizational models and procedures for technical administrative, contractual and conventional activities in emergency situations;
      2. management of procedures for the procurement of services, supplies and works related to the operation and functionality of the Department as well as in emergency situations;
      3. management of technical-administrative activities related to agreements and conventions with other administrations or components and operational structures of the National Service;
      4.  functions of the Rogating Officer, who takes care of the notarization of departmental acts;
      5. management of activities within the competence of the consignee of materials and instrumental assets of the Department.

        ManagerGaetano Mignone
        telefono: 06/68204085

        The Economic Treatment Service is responsible for:

        1. management of activities related to the economic treatment of personnel;
        2. management of accounting activities related to study, collaboration and consulting assignments;
        3. management of activities connected with the Department's tax and social security obligations.