Office for the Coordination of Legal Legislative and Litigation Activities

Director: Roberto Bruno Mario Giarola
phone:  06/68202202-68202250

The Office for the coordination of legal and legislative activities and litigation deals with:

a) The coordination of activities of a legal, legislative and legal nature in the field of civil protection, in conjunction with the competent subjects of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, other central and territorial Administrations and the operational structures of the National Service;

b) the participation and coordinated intervention of the departmental offices in the study and elaboration of regulatory proposals in the areas of competence, and in the preliminary activities for the management of EU and international litigation, constitutional, civil, criminal, administrative, accounting and arbitration;

c) the coordination of legal and legislative activities aimed at the preparation, management and overcoming of emergencies.


The office is divided into:

Manager: Fabio Iannaccone

The Legal and Legislative Activity Service is responsible for:

  1. Preparation of regulatory acts and measures of ordinary and extraordinary nature in the areas of action of the Department;
  2. Participation in the process of formation of laws and measures of a statutory nature and the preparatory activities of the Council of Ministers;
  3. parliamentary activities and response to acts of inspection;
  4. activities necessary for the issue of legal opinions on regional laws;
  5. evaluation and study of problems of  legal and legislative nature.

ManagerIsabella Annibaldi

The Litigation Service deals with:

  1. Evaluation and management of EU and international, constitutional, civil, criminal, administrative, accounting and arbitration litigation, pre-litigation and out-of-court activities, extraordinary appeals to the President of the Republic;
  2. relations with the Attorney General's Office and the courts;
  3. management of dossiers relating to requests for information from the European Commission in preparation for the possible launch of infringement proceedings, together with those relating to access to European Union documents at the request of the European Commission and preliminary references to the European Court of Justice;
  4. assessment and management of requests for civic access pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 33/2013;
  5. assessment and management of requests for access to documents pursuant to Law no. 241/1990.