Office V - Human and instrumental resources and general operating services

Director: Donatella Mangano
phone: 06 68202980

The Office of Human and Instrumental Resources and General Operating Services:

a) Supervises activities related to human resource management and occupational health and safety protection;

b) Handles the ongoing management of general operating services of the Department, including the car park, and its operational offices;

c) Manages the technological support to the information and telecommunications systems of the Department, ensuring the security of data;

d) Promote and implement training activities for the staff of the Department and the components and operational structures of the National Service, in order to ensure full integration.

The Office is divided into:

Manager: Paola De Carli

The Personnel Management Service is responsible for:

  1. Development of organizational models and procedures for personnel management, including in emergency situations;
  2. Personnel management, assignment of tasks, consultancies and activities connected with trade union relations;
  3. Design, planning and implementation of activities relating to staff health surveillance;


Manager: Stefano Calabrese

The Information and Communication Systems Service deals with:

  1. Planning, design and implementation of information and mapping systems and management of information security systems of the Department;
  2. management of communication infrastructures including fixed and mobile telephone systems;
  3. management of development activities, integration, interoperability with the national portal 'open-data' and implementation of departmental databases and territorial information systems;
  4.  support for activities outside the departmental offices in emergency situations relating to information systems.

Manager: Alessandro Spoliti

The General Operations Management Service is responsible for:

  1. Designing, scheduling, and implementing activities related to services, supplies, and works pertaining to the Department's functionality;
  2. Support for activities outside the departmental offices relating to services and supplies for the functionality of the Department in emergency situations;
  3. The management of buildings, vehicles and departmental and operational offices, also for the purposes of the implementation of the provisions regarding the safety of personnel in the workplace, with specific reference to the support of the RSPP for the definition of risk assessment documents for activities both in and outside the offices, and the identification and provision of the relevant PPE to personnel.

Manager: Rita Sicoli

The Training Service is responsible for:

  1. Design, planning and implementation of training models and activities of the different components and operational structures, also in order to promote the dissemination of common languages and procedures throughout the National Service;
  2. Planning, programming and implementation of training activities for the staff of the Department, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers;
  3. Participation of Department staff in training projects as experts or teachers.