Agreements signed by the administration


This section provides the agreements entered into by the Civil Protection Department with universities, institutes and scientific research centers, agencies and administrations, and voluntary organizations. These collaborations are aimed at ensuring the necessary support for the implementation of activities within the competence of the National Service of Civil Protection and concern, specifically, the development of tools, models, and projects for the forecasting and prevention of risks, the active fight against forest fires, the strengthening of Civil Protection structures on the territory, interventions abroad, the dissemination of Civil Protection knowledge, training and communication.

The subject matter, date of stipulation, expiration date, amount, if any, and the department office responsible for each act are listed, in addition to the subject area.

The section aims to make public the agreements and conventions entered into by the Department of Civil Protection, consistent with the policy of transparency and the provisions introduced by Legislative Decree No. 33 of March 14, 2013, "Reorganization of the rules concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency, and dissemination of information by public administrations," as amended by Legislative Decree No. 97/2016.

This section is updated twice a year, in March and September.