news2 agosto 2021

The Prime Minister Mario Draghi in visit to the Civil Protection Department

The Italian Prime Minister observed the forecasting and prevention activities of the Civil Protection Department

In the afternoon, the President of the Council Mario Draghi together with the General Secretary Roberto Chieppa visited the operational headquarters of the Civil Protection Department. 

The President visited the operational headquarters of the Department of Civil Protection. During the visit, the President was introduced to the activities carried out by the Department in crisis and emergency situations, and to the routine activities that allow the prediction and prevention of natural risks and the overcoming of emergencies.

The President of the Council, accompanied by the Head of Department, Fabrizio Curcio and by the Deputy Head of Department, Titti Postiglione, attended the meeting room of the Operational Committee and the Situation Room Italy, where the staff of the Administration and of the operational structures of the National Service is present 24 hours a day. The visit was also an opportunity to discover the activities of the Unified Air Operations Center - COAU and the Operations Center for Maritime Emergencies - COEMM, as well as the rooms that deal with seismic, volcanic and meteo-hydro monitoring of the country.

"I witnessed the complexity of civil protection activities during this visit and its increasing relevance due to the weather, environmental and orographic deterioration of the country," noted President Draghi, also remembering the founding father of civil protection, Giuseppe Zamberletti.

The President concluded his visit with a meeting with a representative of the Department staff, highlighting the importance of the widespread presence of the National Service of Civil Protection throughout the territory and the ability of the Department to coordinate its components and operational structures.