news25 marzo 2024

Bradyseism in the Phlegrean Fields: the assessment of residential buildings begins

The assessment is part of the activities under the Extraordinary plan for vulnerability analysis of built-up areas.

Immagine evidenza - Zona di intervento

Today, March 25, the first assessment of private residential buildings within the areas in the Pozzuoli, Bacoli, and Naples municipalities most affected by bradyseism and, therefore, by seismicity and ground deformation begins. These areas constitute the "intervention area" defined by the Rapid Emergency Planning for the Phlegraean Fields as part of the activities foreseen by DL 140/2023.

The assessment occurs through on-site inspections outside each building; therefore, the teams do not need to enter the buildings. The activity is conducted by experts equipped with ID badges and coordinated by the Department of Civil Protection of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in cooperation with the Campania Region, with the support of the municipalities in the area. The inspections involve computerized procedures for gathering data and information on the construction and structural features of the buildings.

A summary map identifying the most vulnerable areas will be produced upon completing this first phase of inspections. At a later stage, concerned citizens will be able to request a more in-depth assessment of specific buildings.

Overall, these activities are described in the Extraordinary plan for vulnerability analysis of built-up areas, approved by the Decree of the Minister for Civil Protection and Sea Policies on February 26, 2024, and also regulated through the Ordinance of the Head of Department of Civil Protection No. 1,081 of March 16, 2024, "Simplified procedures regarding the execution of seismic vulnerability analysis of private buildings."

Further information will be made available on the websites of the municipalities involved.