7 dicembre 2010

Stromboli and Civil Protection

Copertina Stromboli e protezione civile

In December 2002, Stromboli began a period of intense and lasting volcanic activity that caused many events of rare importance, such as the tsunami of December 30.
The Civil Protection Department's approach to these events improved the emergency management.
The tangible product of this complex and demanding experience was the creation of a permanent monitoring system for the territorial area (Advanced Operations Centre) that makes Stromboli one of the best monitored volcanoes in the world.
In order to preserve the memory of those events, indicate their developments and the consolidation of a unique management model, the project for a multimedia product was born, a box containing 2 DVDs, which could contain all aspects of what happened at Stromboli.
The dvd "Stromboli: laboratory of the new Civil Protection" is divided into four sections: the first contains a presentation by the Head of the Civil Protection Department and the Director of the Planning, Evaluation and Risk Prevention Office, illustrating the management project for Stromboli, the second section briefly summarizes the formation and history of the volcano, the third section explains the operational and timely procedures activated to deal with a sudden eruption. The last is a collection of photographic images accompanied by short captions.
The dvd "Stromboli, neither good nor bad" contains three different versions of a film related to some interventions made by the Civil Protection. The first part of the documentary describes the point of view of the residents and volunteers of the Civil Protection during the paroxysmal explosion on April 5, 2003. Aldso, the tsunami of December 30, 2002 and the previous eruption that caused the landslide and the tsunami are mentioned.

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