21 dicembre 2010

Island of Stromboli. Map of trails


Stromboli is an active volcano that reaches an altitude of 926 meters. Following the trails along the slopes it is possible to observe the spectacular volcanic events, the suggestive natural environments and the beautiful landscapes.
The Civil Protection Department, in agreement with the local authorities, created a map of the trails where practical indications are given on the behavior to adopt in case of landslides, paroxysmal explosions or tsunami.
The map also illustrates three different routes, accompanied by detailed technical data sheets, recommended for tourists who intend to visit the Stromboli natural reserve.
The aim is: to promote the naturalistic heritage of the area and provide easy access to the mountain, avoiding any risk of eruptive phenomena for inhabitants and visitors.

N.B. Currently the ascent of the volcano is forbidden at altitudes above 290 metres. For any update you can consult the website of the Municipality of Lipari where the ordinances concerning the access to Stromboli are published.

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