3 febbraio 2015

The Civil Protection for Families

Copertina Protezione civile in famiglia

The Civil Protection is moving away from being just a "rescue machine”, which operates only after a disaster, and turning into a system for forecasting, prevention and monitoring of the territory against the risks that may occur.
Voluntary work organizations and all the National organized bodies of Civil Protection are part of the National Civil Protection Service: the Fire Department, the Police, the armed forces, the State Forestry Department , Vigili del Fuoco, the Red Cross, National Alpine Rescue Corps, the scientific community, the National Health Service staff and means of number 118.
In order to be efficient, this system must, first of all, gain the confidence of the citizens, who are active players in the civil protection.

The handbook entitled "The Civil Protection for Families" describes with simple concepts and numerous illustrations the risks present on Italian territory, suggesting to the reader the approach to be taken in front of small or large emergencies.
Knowing the risks, knowing how to get information, being organized within the family, knowing how to ask for help, emergency and disability are the five key issues of the guidebook, a practical and effective way to build your own "Family Plan of Civil Protection".

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