Information for people from Ukraine

Informazioni utili per la popolazione proveniente dall'Ucraina

What to do upon arrival in Italy? What is the subsistence allowance? Many doubts may arise for people who come from Ukraine and choose to find refuge in our country. To answer these questions, the Civil Protection Department and a number of agencies and administrations working on the Ukrainian emergency (Ministry of the Interior, State Police, Ministry of Health, Ministry of University and Research, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and UNHCR) realized an information document with the most important information for people fleeing war.

The booklet "Information for People from Ukraine," available in Italian, English and Ukrainian, is divided into several topics: Reception; Temporary Protection; Assistance; Health Care; Education; Employment and a short list of helplines. The booklet also contains links to pages of institutional websites to help people in need of guidance to access services and facilities in Italy.

The booklet is supplemented by "Q&A for people from Ukraine" divided by topic, which addresses the questions raised by associations of Ukrainians in Italy. The Q&As are available in Ukrainian, English, and in Italian.