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XXI National Day for School Safety

This year the 'School Safety' Smart box is featuring three podcasts produced in collaboration with the Department, Ingv and the Cima Research Foundation

XX Giornata Nazionale per la sicurezza nelle scuole - Immagine in evidenza

Today, 21 November, the common outdoor area of the 'Labriola' and 'Anco Marzio' high schools in Ostia, hosts the first event of the XXI National Day for School Safety, the campaign promoted by Cittadinanzattiva, in collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection, to commemorate the victims of accidents in Italian schools and to actively inform the new generations on safety and risk prevention issues.

This morning the students of the two Roman high schools will be the key players in an interactive learning experience and will take part in a multi-risk itinerary organised by Cittadinanzattiva and representatives of the Civil Protection of Roma Capitale and the "Celestino Rosatelli" Institute in Rieti. During the four stages of the journey, the students will learn more about earthquakes and floods, the natural risks that affect the territory, experiencing their effects through simulations and learning about good civil protection practices to adopt in order to minimize the risks.
One stage of the itinerary will be entirely dedicated to the introduction of the Municipal Civil Protection Plan, with a special focus on the actions to be implemented in case of an emergency and the relation between the Municipal Plan and the School Emergency Plan.
At the end of the activity, the students will be able to anonymously fill in postcards to be addressed to the school or to a local or national institution, both to report critical issues and to submit proposals and suggestions to prevent and tackle the different types of risk found at school and in the area.

The National Day for School Safety, sponsored since 2003 by Cittadinanzattiva following the tragedy in San Giuliano di Puglia, was established by Law No. 107 in 2015 and is planned for November 22 each year to remember the collapse at the 'Darwin' high school in 2008 in Rivoli, in the province of Turin, where student Vito Scafidi lost his life.

This year, 16,000 Italian schools are joining the event with many awareness activities, meetings and debates on safety and risk prevention, with the purpose of promoting a culture of safety in school buildings and providing all students with the appropriate information.

The traditional Smart box is available for students and teachers on the Cittadinanzattiva website. This year the Smart box is featuring three podcasts on seismic and hydrogeological risks and the topic of climate change, produced with the support of experts from the Civil Protection Department, Ingv and the Cima Research Foundation.

It is possible to listen to the podcasts on Cittadinanzattiva's Spotify channel, by clicking on this link:

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