news21 dicembre 2011

Wood fires: the fourth informative seminar for directors of extinguishing operations

The course was held from 12 to 16 December at the airport of Pratica di Mare

The fourth seminar dedicated to DOS - directors of extinguishing operations ended on 16 December with a ceremony held in the Air Force premises of Pratica di Mare and the presentation of certificates to the 19 participants.
The seminar is an initiative of the Civil Protection Department to deal more effectively with wood fires throughout our territory and optimize the employment of the national air fleet during extinguishing operations.

The course was created thanks to the didactic support of the Air Space Control Training Division of Air Force, by using modern structures of the Division itself and the technical skills for air simulations and aboard-to-ground communications, fundamental to carry out successfully wood fire extinguishing operations.
During the training course the "Prociv fire" application software has been used, after being developed especially for the Department and for DOS training during the AIB campaign. How to use extinguishing and delaying liquids, aircraft direction capability, command and control aspects of national and regional AIB fleet, coordination of DOS extinguishing operations and establishment of the national DOS register were the themes of the seminar.

Civil servants and managers of Regions, Autonomous Provinces, National Forestry Corps, Fire Department and Civil Protection Department took part to the activities.

Angelo Borrelli, Vice-Head of the Department presented the participation certificates, in the presence of  Gen. Gianfranco Trinca, Director of the Air Force Activities Office of the Department; Gen. Carlo Magrassi, Vice-Head of the Air Team; ing. Fabrizio Bardanzellu of the National Forestry Corps and ing. Pippo Mistretta of the National Fire Department. The seminar was coordinated by Col. Gianpiero Sanfilippo of the Air Force Activities Office of the Department.