news10 luglio 2011

Voluntary work week: the Head of Department in Subiaco (Rm)

Visit to a school camp for the diffusion of civil protection culture

The Head of Department goes on visiting the events scheduled for the voluntary work week, promoted by the organizations participating to the European Year of Voluntary Work. During the third day there are 221 initiatives throughout Italy.

After the stopovers in Umbria, Abruzzo and Trentino, Franco Gabrielli today is in Subiaco, in the province of Rome, in one of the 107 school camps of Aib-Wood Firefighting “I am the civil protection too”, involving over 3,500 youngsters aged 9 to 18.

School camps, held during summer months throughout Italy, are organized by the Civil Protection Department in collaboration with national voluntary work organizations and the Regions, with the aim of diffusing among young generations a civil protection culture. The project involves the whole national territory, but the areas with higher naturalistic risk were privileged. A training week to make young people aware of their active and participating role in the safeguard of human life and environment.

In the camps, youngsters confront with civil protection operators: Fire Department, National Forest Corps, Police, 118, Italian Red Cross, representatives of Municipalities, Prefectures and Regions and various others actors of the National Civil Protection System. This is the fourth edition of the  “I am the civil protection too” initiative.