news21 febbraio 2020

University and civil protection: the Department meets LUISS students

"To be unique, just be yourself" is the theme of the 2020 edition of the orientation day

Bring students and young graduates together and introduce them to the professional and human reality of the National Service: this is the objective of the Civil Protection Department's participation in the Career Day for Social Impact Organizations organized in Rome by the Luiss Guido Carli University in the Aula Chiesa of the Campus on Thursday, February 20.

The event has been offering young university students a useful overview of the professional experiences in the international arena for seven years.

Together with the Civil Protection Department, United Nations Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, European Institutions and Agencies, International Organizations and bodies attended the day, promoting the international mobility of young people.

Discussions with the Department's experts helped university students to deepen their knowledge of the various professions operating in the civil protection, such as the technical-scientific, legal, communication and media relations fields and the world of volunteering. This last aspect attracted the attention of many students, interested in engaging in one of the more than 5 thousand voluntary civil protection associations operating on the national territory.

One of the "practical" activities of the day was dedicated to the world of volunteering. The students were able to observe the setting up of a tensile structure, by the Roma Aurelio voluntary association, working to set up a group of civil protection volunteers composed of University staff.

Also, the National Service, the Air Force, the Carabinieri, the Italian Red Cross, the Guardia di Finanza and the Italian Navy took part in the Luiss Career Day for Social Impact Organizations, offering an interesting insight for students into the different and fundamental skills that articulate a complex and subsidiary system such as the Italian Civil Protection.