news12 aprile 2024

Union Civil Protection Mechanism: training courses continue

The Union Mechanism Introduction Course (UMI) is taking place in Volterra

foto formato evidenza- Meccanismo Unionale di Protezione Civile

The Civil Protection Department, the leading partner of the European consortium that organizes the UCPM Training Programme, will continue with the residential phase of the Union Mechanism Introduction Course - UMI  from April 15 to 17. Italy is leading the dedicated group, including Spain, Portugal, and Romania, for the introductory courses.

The three-day residential phase of the course follows up on the recently completed online training, which included self-managed modules and activities and dedicated webinars.

UMI courses provide the required knowledge on the Union Mechanism, emergency management, and the legal framework of civil protection and humanitarian aid. They are the entry-level courses of the UCPM Training Programme.

The European Commission, within the framework of the EU Civil Protection Knowledge Network, established by Decision (EU) 2019/420, provides and funds the Training Program. The program is designed to enhance prevention, preparedness, and disaster response, and it is aimed at civil protection and emergency management personnel both within and outside the EU who can be deployed as part of a European team.

The program also encourages the complementarity of intervention teams and the improvement of the competence of the involved experts, such as EU Member States, UCPM Participating States, EU candidate or potential candidate countries, countries within the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), representatives from the UN and other organizations involved in international disaster management operations.

On the EU Academy page, online modules are available upon registration.

The EU Civil Protection Knowledge Network website provides more information about the courses and how to participate.