news14 febbraio 2019

Undersecretary Tofalo: thanks to the Civil Protection that operates with competence, sensitivity and passion.

Undersecretary Tofalo visited Italy Situation Room and the various functional centers accompanied by the Head of Department Borrelli and the Director of the Promotion and Integration Office of the National Service Agostino Miozzo.

“I have been following for years the activities of the Civil Protection Department, which operates in close contact with the Armed Force and the national assets and also intervenes in emergency cases. It is Italy’s strategic asset and they are our guardian angels that silently works and constantly oversee for our safety by deploying high skills and technical-scientific knowledge”. Today, with these words the Undersecretary of Defense Angelo Tofalo greeted the Head of Department Angelo Borrelli and the functionaries of the Department after a long visit in the Civil Protection’s headquarter sited in Rome in via Vitorchiano.

The Undersecretary of Defense visited the Italy Situation Room, real point of reference every single day of the year for the whole civil protection system. Then the visit continued the Operational Committee Room, here in case of emergency all the components’ representatives and the operational structures of national Service work actively.

During the visit, the Undersecretary guided by the Head of Department wanted to look more closely to the Department’s Directors and Functionaries roles, tasks and instrument. The visit proceeded first in the Joint Air Operations Centre and then in the Operations Centre for Maritime Emergencies, National Functional Centre for meteo-hydro and hydraulic risk, Functional Volcanic Centre, in the rooms dedicated to Italian Strong Motion Network and in the Oss – the Seismic Observatory of Structures.

The Head of Department Borrelli highly appreciated the Undersecretary’s visit. It demonstrates the close collaboration between the Department and the Ministry of Defense, both represent fundamental operational structures in the national system of civil protection.
The constant presence of armed forces in emergency theaters has always been extremely effective for population assistance.
Finally, for the Head of Department Borrelli, the visit has been an occasion to describe projects such as the national alert platform for meteo-hydrogeological risk “IT Alert”, which is currently in the optimization phase and ready to be launched.