news24 giugno 2022

Ukraine emergency: online the ordinance on the new provisions for assistance to people from Ukraine

Specifically, Ocdpc No. 898 provides new activities to assist unaccompanied foreign minors

Firma documento

On June 23, the Head of the Civil Protection Department, Fabrizio Curcio, signed a new ordinance introducing new provisions in favor of people from Ukraine in Italy.

In particular, the measure is intended to align emergency provisions on assistance to unaccompanied foreign minors in view of the provisions of Article 31-bis of Decree-Law No. 21, converted by Law No. 51 of May 2022.

This article provides that - within welfare provisions - the Delegated Commissioner for Unaccompanied Minors, Prefect Francesca Ferrandino, shall recognize the reimbursement of costs incurred, up to a maximum of 100 euros per day per capita to the municipalities that host unaccompanied minors from Ukraine in authorized or accredited facilities and that bear the charges related to the minors' family foster care. Law No. 51, converting DL No. 21, allocates more than 58 million euros to implement this measure.

In view of this provision, amendments are also being implemented to the subsistence allowance, governed by Ocdpc No. 881 of March 29. The contribution is no longer provided for the adult holder of legal guardianship or custodian eligible for the additional contribution introduced by Decree-Law No. 21.
Therefore, to access the benefits, the legal guardian and foster parent should go to the municipal office and follow the instructions that the Commissioner Delegate will set.

Due to the changes introduced, the platform that allows for the submission of applications for contributions is being updated, and the reference to the legal guardian or foster parent will be removed. Also, changes will be implemented to simplify the submission of the application