news11 maggio 2022

Ukraine Emergency: online the data on entries into Italy of people from Ukraine, applications for temporary protection and subsistence allowances

In the Maps Section of the Department's website, three new dashboards

Dashboards Emergenza Ucraina

Three new dashboards are now online in the Maps Section related to the Ukraine Emergency.

The platforms show data on entries into Italy of people from Ukrain, applications for temporary protection and subsistence allowances.

Specifically, the first platform presents data on entries into Italy, divided according to data processed by the Border Police and the Railway Police.

The second refers to requests for temporary protection, an exceptional form of protection that provides immediate protection to people who have been displaced from Ukraine as a result of the war after February 24, 2022, and who applied to the Police Station of their place of residence. The platform contains information on the total number of applicants and, a distinction between adults and minors, and the regional and provincial distribution.

The third dashboard concerning subsistence allowances reports the total number of applications, divided by region and province and by the applicant's age group. The subsistence allowance can be requested on the dedicated dashboard by September 30, 2022, after applying for a temporary Protection Residence Permit.

The three dashboards are created by the Civil Protection Department based on data provided by the Ministry of the Interior.