news26 ottobre 2013

Twist: the third day with Nbcr interventions and protection of cultural heritage

Search and rescue activities at sea and environmental risk assessment go on

Third and final day of operations for the international drill on tsunami risk Twist – Tidal Wave in Southern Tyrrhenian Sea. Theatre of the scenarios are the port and the city of Salerno, the municipalities of Centola, Camerota and Minori.

n the waters of the port of Salerno continue the activities of the European teams, specialized in underwater, cave, mountain and river search and rescue, tat work alongside the Italian teams.


National voluntary organizations that specialize in underwater and cave rescue activities are also involved and operate in Salerno, Marina di Camerota and Palinuro. The Fin - Italian Swimming Federation and the National Society Rescue are engaged in the recovery of survivors with jet skis and early intervention of medical aid. The Fipsas - Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities instead simulate the rescue and recovery of missing people due to the capsizing of a vessel and spill of unidentified substances with the use of divers. The staff of the cave divers of the CNSAS - National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps works to recover people trapped inside a semi- submerged vessel. Finally, a drill scenario has involved the Fias - Italian Federation of Underwater Activities with volunteers who come to the aid and recover a person at sea locked in the car and another one missing on a boat.

In the port of Salerno, near the western pier, the reversal of a LPG tanked is simulated, requiring an immediate intervention of the National Fire Department.

European and Italian experts keep up the environmental risk assessment of the scenarios identified in the industrial, craft and commercial centre of Salerno. The simulation of procedures for the identification of victims goes on, including psychological support for the victims' families and the operators involved. The same procedures will be the basis of a directive which will identify the general criteria for the management of victims of major disasters and other emergencies.
Among the activities of the tutorial there is also a scenario dedicated to the possible effects of a tsunami on cultural heritage. In Minori, under the coordination of the emergency unit of the regional Mibact - Ministry of cultural heritage, activities and tourism – a damage assessment and safety of a wall portion of the Roman Villa is simulated.. Also tested, the safety of goods and their transport in a secure storage area .
The drill activities end in the afternoon, with the closing of the various centres of coordination and Di.Coma.C - Directorate of Command and Control. For national and international teams there will be a debriefing at the base camp of the Fire Department.

Tomorrow morning, aboard the aircraft carrier Cavour the workshop "Challenges in multi-sector emergency management " will he held. The meeting will be an opportunity to make a presentation of the activities, also with interventions of national and international observers.


This is also the last weekend for the campaign I don't take risks - tsunami. Volunteers meet the citizens in the streets and in marinas of Agropoli, Atrani, Eboli, Ispani, Praiano, San Giovanni a Piro, Santa Marina di Policastro and in the two squares of Salerno.