news11 febbraio 2023

Turkey and Syria earthquake: Ordinance signed to guarantee the full capability of the National Civil Protection Service

Among the provisions in the measure, is the donation of goods and equipment aimed at relief and assistance to the population

Terremoto Turchia e Siria: strutture operative sul campo

Ordinance No. 965 has been signed today by the Head of the Department, Fabrizio Curcio, with the first urgent civil protection measures aimed at ensuring the Italian State's contribution in the relief and assistance activities to the population affected by the earthquake that, on February 6, struck the territories of the Republic of Turkey and the Arab Republic of Syria.

The Department of Civil Protection is entrusted with both coordinating the dispatch of personnel belonging to organized volunteers and the Operational Components and Structures of the National Service, and sending means, equipment, basic necessities and materials, including medical supplies, authorized under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism or through bilateral agreements.

In addition to the provisions aimed at ensuring the full operability of the National Service staff abroad, the ordinance also authorizes the donation of means, materials and equipment necessary to assist the population, as part of interventions defined in agreement with the Civil Protection Department. Donation will be possible through exchange of notes with the authorities of the affected countries or with international bodies and nongovernmental organizations operating in the affected territories.