news21 marzo 2019

The Prime Minister visited the Civil Protection Department

Angelo Borrelli illustrated to Giuseppe Conte the Rooms of the Department coordinating the emergencies and monitoring the risks on the national territory

On the occasion of the Ceremony of the civil protection meritorious awards conferral held today, March 21, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte visited the operational headquarter of the Department of Civil Protection in Via Vitorchiano in Rome.

The Head of Department, Angelo Borrelli illustrated to the President of the Council of Ministers the Rooms managing the emergencies:  the Operations Committee Room, ensuring the unified management of activities during  an emergency;  the Room Situazione Italia, monitoring the whole Italian territory  and with the task of  alerting components and operational structures of the National Service; the Functioning Room, where the personnel of the Department involved in the management of emergencies operate; the Maritime Emergencies Operations Centre (Coemm) and the Unified Air Operations Centre (Coau), responsible for sea rescue activities and for the management of the state air fleet employed in the fight against forest fires. The visit continued in the rooms monitoring and surveilling risks in Italy: the Central Functional Centre for meteo-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk, the Seismic Observatory of Structures and the National Accelerometric Network, and the Room of the Volcanic Risk Service.

As the first national civil protection authority, Giuseppe Conte collaborated with the National Civil Protection Service on several occasions, both during emergencies and during initiatives to spread knowledge of civil protection. Particularly, the Prime Minister, few days after his appointment, visited the places affected by the Central Italy Earthquake Emergency occurred in 2016; on August 14, 2018 he went to Genoa on the occasion of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge and on November 4, 2018 he came to Palermo, following the weather events that violently hit Sicily and several regions of Italy. Giuseppe Conte also opened the European Forum for Risk Reduction that took place in Rome from 21 to 23 November 2018 and participated in the 2018 edition of the National Communication Campaign "I don’t take risks - Good Civil Protection Practices", where in the square of Bologna he met the volunteers involved in the initiative.