news18 febbraio 2011

The Head of the Department meets the President of Campania Region

Al centro dei colloqui le questioni di protezione civile e la collaborazione interistituzionale

The cycle of institutional events of the Head of Civil Protection Department continues in Campania. Today, February 18, Franco Gabrielli met in Naples at the headquarters of the Regional Assembly, the President of the region Stefano Caldoro and the civil protection assessor Edoardo Cosenza.

As on other visits, begun on January 14 in Puglia, the objective is to establish contact with regional institutions and address the issue of inter-institutional collaboration, based on the ratio of subsidiarity of the Civil Protection Department in respect of the regions and local authorities.

The talks focused on the identification of a method of joint working between the Department and the assessor of civil protection. In particular they identified working groups to continue operating and developing major issues concerning the Campania civil protection contingency plans related to the risks of the territory, the establishment of a regional law, the strengthening of the functional multi-risk Centre and the relationship with volunteers and training sector.

During the meeting at Palazzo Santa Lucia the Head of Department delivered to the Region Campania a medal for the commitment of the regional civil protection during the Abruzzo earthquake emergency. The medal is awarded for merit of the certified public as provided by a decree to the National Service Components and operational for the extraordinary contributions of human and instrumental resources during the emergency.