news21 gennaio 2014

Terremoto, let's talk about it starts in Umbria

The meeting cycle was organized in one of three municipalities interested by the seismic swarm currently ongoing in Gubbio and the surrouding area

The first of the meetings dedicated to the public and schools of one of the three Umbrian municipalities that are interested by the ongoing seismic swarm in Gubbio and the surrounding area took place last night in the high school of Mocaiana , a fraction of Gubbio. Such seismic events are very frequent and occur at a few kilometers of depth and therefore can be perceived by the population. There were many questions from the citizens and among these, also the request to receive more information on the contents of the municipal emergency planning and the state of the checks carried out on school buildings . The Administration of Gubbio is committed to organize as soon as possible more public discussion with the community to provide the data in detail.

The meetings cycle "Earthquake, let’s talk about it" aims to help communities affected by the continuous shocks to better understand the current situation and learn about the seismic history of the territory, through dialogue with representatives of the institutions and experts of seismic risk, and to guarantee them the necessary psychological and social support , including through the dissemination of correct rules of behaviour in order to reduce the effects of a possible earthquake. For this reason, information materials are distributed every year during the national prevention campaign "I don't take risks - Earthquake".

The next meetings in the province of Perugia are scheduled for today, at 6 p.m., in the municipality of Pietralunga, at the Hall of the library of the former Convent of Sant’Agostino and tomorrow at the same hour , in the town of Montone, at the Teatro San Felice. A special meeting for teachers and parents of kindergarten and primary schools of Semonte and Gubbio has been organized for this evening, at 9 p.m.

The " Earthquake, let’s talk about it" is sponsored by the Civil Protection Department and the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology together with the municipalities, the Umbria Region, the Province of Perugia, the Prefecture of Perugia, in collaboration with the Laboratories University Network of seismic engineering, the Regional Health Authority of Umbria, the national Association Anpas - public assistance and voluntary organizations in the area of civil protection . All of these entities represent together, to the affected communities , an important piece of the system of local and national civil protection to which citizens should be able to refer also and especially in a situation like this, where the constant earthquakes generate a greater need for information and knowledge.

The " Earthquake, let’s talk about it " was also organized on the occasion of other seismic sequences. The most recent was organized in June last year in the territory of Lunigiana.