news17 gennaio 2020

Snow safety: an initiative aimed at the citizens to consciously experience the mountain

The traditional National Day promoted by the National Mountain Rescue and Speleological Corps takes place on January 18th.

On January 19, 2019, the National Day for the prevention of accidents during the winter season in the mountains will be held again. 

Avalanche risk, hypothermia, or ice falls and many other themes. The day is an opportunity for all interested citizens to deepen their knowledge of the main rules of behaviour to follow in order to visit the mountains in winter and reduce the risks.

The initiative takes place within the framework of the project "Sicuri in montagna", promoted by the National Mountain Rescue and Speleological Corps - operational structure of the National Service of Civil Protection - the Italian Alpine Club with the Italian Avalanche Service, the Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering Schools, the Commissions and Central Schools of Hiking, Youth Mountaineering, the F.A.L.C. Mountaineering Society, various bodies and Administrations that deal with mountains in various ways.

The winter season presents specific risks, periodically highlighted by the recurrence of emergency situations and accidents, thus it is important to create opportunities for study and knowledge aimed at promoting a conscious approach to the mountains.
For this reason, every year there is the Safe with the snow Day, traditionally held in the third week of January, so as to "anticipate" the winter and ski season properly.
The aim of the initiative is to improve individual preparation - from risk assessment to the correct use of self-rescue equipment - while increasing the awareness and technical knowledge of those who live in the mountains.

The Day, therefore, is aimed at skiers and hikers, but also at simple amateurs looking to receive information or to deepen their knowledge in order to visit the snow-covered mountains responsibly.
The list of the locations involved in the initiative and the scheduled appointments - which will also be practical and demonstrative - is available on

To find out more about the rules to follow in case of mountain hikes and to deepen the knowledge of preventive measures in case of avalanche risk you can consult the section "Are you prepared", through which the Civil Protection Department aims to promote among citizens, as a fundamental tool of self-protection, the knowledge of the territory's risks and the rules to adopt before, during and after an emergency situation.