news3 novembre 2022

"Sisma dello Stretto" exercise - It-alert test messages

The test of the IT-alert public warning system is also underway: in the involved territories, citizens receive an alert message on their mobile phones


Today, Friday November 4, starts the national civil protection exercise "Sisma dello Stretto 2022" is currently taking place in Calabria and Sicily. 

In the morning of November 4, at 10 AM takes places the simulation of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake with epicenter in the province of Reggio Calabria that could trigger a tsunami affecting some coastal municipalities in the provinces of Reggio Calabria and Messina.

One of the objectives of the exercise was to test the IT-alert public warning system, which is currently undergoing an experimental phase.

This morning, after the earthquake simulation, citizens in the coastal areas of Calabria and Sicily that would potentially be affected by the tsunami received an IT-alert message, with a dedicated ringtone and the following text:

                                                                                           Civil Protection EXERCISE -  TEST
                                                                     message for a possible TSUNAMI triggered by an earthquake
                                                                                              with epicenter in Reggio Calabria.
                                                                                Information on the exercise available at

When the message appears on the display, it is no longer possible to take actions on the mobile phone, except for phone calls. The mobile phone returns to normal functionality by tapping the "OK" button within the message. 

During the course of the morning, when the TEST on the IT-alert system is completed, citizens who are in the same areas reached by the first message receive a second message notifying them that the test has ended. Again, it is necessary to press "OK" to return the device to normal functionality.


IT-alert is a new public alert system with the aim of reaching citizens and delivering messages in case of imminent or ongoing major emergencies or catastrophic events. 

The IT-alert message, send to all people in the area affected by the emergency or disaster event provides information about the risk scenario and relevant self-protection measures to adopt. 

The IT-alert system is currently undergoing an experimental phase. Exercises such as "Messina Strait Earthquake" are crucial in terms of feedback that will help verify what has been built, and to improve and implement the system with the aim of soon making it fully operational.

If you received the IT-alert message of the "Messina Strait Earthquake" exercise, please fill out the form available on  to verify the effectiveness of the alert system and message comprehensibility. This will help us to improve and better face future events.


To prepare yourself and know what to do in case of a real event in which you may receive an IT-alert message, stay informed about the risks in the area where you live, work or travel and learn the self-protection measures.

The website provides factsheets on what to do and what to know before, during, or immediately after a flood, tsunami, earthquake, or volcanic event.

In case of a tsunami warning, if you are at the beach or in a coastal area Move away from the water and quickly reach the nearest elevated area, such as a hill, following the quickest escape route without using your car, which could become a trap.
If you are at sea you should move offshore, and if you are in a port you should secure yourself in an high place.