news23 maggio 2024

Seismic swarm in the Phlegraean Fields: an update on civil protection activities

After the 4.4 magnitude earthquake, the Civil Protection System supports the population in the area and conducts building inspections

Protezione Civile a Pozzuoli

Population assistance. In Pozzuoli, five waiting areas were set up immediately after the earthquake to provide initial assistance to the population. These areas were connected by shuttles to a large reception area at the Palazzetto dello Sport-Palatrincone in Monterusciello, which served as a refreshment and accommodation point. The municipalities of Bacoli and Naples are also prepared to assist the population if needed. Over 200 civil protection volunteers from the Campania Region are involved in these activities, supporting the operational structures activated in the area.

Buildings inspections.  Assessments of public and private buildings are ongoing in the affected areas. Teams of technicians from the Fire Brigade, the Campania Region, and the Municipalities of Bacoli and Pozzuoli are conducting these assessments. They are also based on requests from citizens. Activities are coordinated at the Municipal Operational Centres, where personnel from the Civil Protection Department and the Campania Region are present. Up to yesterday evening, more than 400 building inspections had been conducted on private homes. Currently, in the municipality of Pozzuoli, 38 properties have been declared unfit for habitation following the earthquake, while in Bacoli and Naples, the inspections carried out have not produced any negative results.

Monitoring activities. The Ingv-Vesuvius Observatory continues and intensifies its monitoring of volcanic state, not only concerning seismicity and ground deformation but also hydrothermal activity in the area and gas emissions from the ground.

National Commission for the Forecasting and Prevention of Major Risks. Yesterday, the Major Risks Commission - Volcanic Risk Sector met and recommended paying close attention to volcanic monitoring activities and implementing risk prevention and mitigation measures. While there is no evidence to suggest magma migration towards more superficial levels, analysis of multi-parameter data indicates the continued intensification of the phenomenon of bradyseism. Therefore, the intensification of the current crisis requires regular monitoring of the state of the volcano. The Commission also noted that the seismic activity may persist or increase in the coming weeks. Currently, the yellow alert level remains in effect.