news24 gennaio 2020

Saturday 25th January, a day devoted to Giuseppe Zamberletti

From Varese to Venzone, the commemorative initiatives dedicated to the father of Italian civil protection

"Zamberletti was an outstanding figure who played a leading role within the Institutions, an example that left an enduring memory throughout Italy. Certain that the city of Varese will be forever grateful to this far-sighted man who was able to see, and build, a better Italy in emergency situations, we hope that the whole community can take part in the celebrations".
This is the invitation that, in a letter with a double signature, the Head of the Civil Protection Department Angelo Borrelli and the Mayor of Varese Davide Galimberti addressed to the whole citizenship to make it participate in the initiatives organized in honor of Giuseppe Zamberletti, founding father of the Italian Civil Protection, one year after his death.
Zamberletti brought the concept of forecasting and prevention in distinction to rescue activities, the organization of the National Service in all its components, the enhancement of local authorities and voluntary work. His far-sightedness, which on 24 February 1992 led to the approval of Law no. 225 and the establishment of the National Service.

The day, promoted by the Civil Protection Department with the Municipality and the Province of Varese, is divided into two parts. In the morning, the conference "Politics, Science and Civil Protection" will take place in the Aula Magna of the University of Insubria and will involve local authorities and experts in a debate on civil protection policies, ending with a speech by the Head of the Civil Protection Department Angelo Borrelli. During the event a round table dedicated to the relationship between science and civil protection will also be held, moderated for the Civil Protection Department by the Director Mauro Dolce. 
In the second part of the day a walk along the Via delle Cappelle al Sacro Monte is also planned. The commemorative ceremony will include the laying of a plaque on Giuseppe Zamberletti's birthplace and a memorial of his human and professional personality by the Director Mauro Dolce of the Civil Protection Department.

Also on Saturday afternoon, the Head of the Department will be in Friuli to participate in the commemorations organized in honour of Zamberletti. After a moment of remembrance in the Council Chamber of Venzone - one of the towns most damaged by the 1976 earthquake and a significant symbol of the subsequent rebirth - Angelo Borrelli will take part in the Holy Mass scheduled in the city Cathedral.