news22 ottobre 2011

Rosat satellite re-entry: excluded any impact in Italy

The Department monitored the situation along with the scientific community

The Italian Space Agency issued new previsions on the Rosat satellite re-entry on the Earth, as they got acquired by the Scientific Technical Committee: any possibility that one or more fragments may fall in Europe is excluded.

During the night between 21 and 22 October, the time windows that could have interest Italy's territory were reduced from three to one, predicted between 11.17 a.m. and 11.47 a.m. of 23 October.

The Scientific Technical Committee deeemed the situation potentially risky at first potentially at risk, and then ordinary. The Operating Committee was informed about it. 

Thus, it is no longer necessary to adopt autoprotection regulations as reported on this website.

Image source: EADS Astrium