news20 marzo 2020

Physicians for Covid

The selection of 300 medical volunteers to operate in the most affected regions of the Coronavirus is underway.

<<It's a "call to action" to all Italian healthcare services because the doctors on the frontline fighting the Coronavirus emergency need help>>. This was declared tonight by the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies Francesco Boccia at the Civil Protection Department headquarters announcing the start of the procedure through which the task force of 300 doctors who will support the regional health structures for the implementation of the necessary measures to contain and combat the COVID-19 emergency.

<<The doctors operating against the Coronavirus, especially in Lombardy, need help and the response of those who will apply must be within 24 hours because tomorrow the call will be closed. >>, continued the Minister.

 <<Priority will be given to anesthetists however the call is open to all doctors, the important thing is to send the application as soon as possible>>.

The operation of " physicians for the Civil Protection" is on a voluntary basis, concluded Francesco Boccia, and <<I am sure that a lot of applications will arrive>>.

<<This is about building a rapid response >>, said the Head of Department Angelo Borrelli, <<the doctors who will be selected will work alongside those of regional health and those volunteers who are already operating in hospitals where Coronavirus patients are treated>>.

Attendance of the doctors selected will be mandatory for the employer, except for the structures that have an agreement with the employer, for which the possibility to be part of the task force is made on a consensual basis with the employer. Participation will include travel expenses and a lump-sum allowance for each day worked. The Regions will provide accommodation.


Here is the application form.