news20 aprile 2020

Physicians for Covid-19, a new call for proposals

New procedure for the recruitment of professionals who will support the health facilities most affected by the emergency

The procedure for the recruitment of doctors who will support the regional health structures for containing and countering the COVID emergency is renewed.
Participants will be able to apply for the selection procedure by filling in the form available on this website starting from 6:00 PM of April 20, 2020 until 4:00 PM of April 23, 2020. Participants will be available to work in the regions most affected by the Covid-19.

The participation in the medical team, which will be mandatory for the employer with exceptions provided for in the Ordinance, include the refund of travel and food expenses and a flat-rate solidarity premium for each day worked.  The regions will be responsible for the accommodation on-site. 

In case of a suitable profile, the doctor will be contacted by the Department to define the details of employment.​