news2 aprile 2020

Physicians for Covid: 76 additional doctors volunteered the local sanitary structures

Working within the task-force set up to support Regions and Autonomous Provinces in the fight against the Covid- 19 emergency

We would like to thank again the medical staff who courageously demonstrate solidarity and contribute to the extraordinary teamwork we should all be proud of."

The Head of the Civil Protection Department Angelo Borrelli addressed these words to the doctors of the task force set up to support the health facilities involved in the Covid-19 emergency.

The departure of the 76 doctors is planned today morning to reach Milan, Turin and Ancona. They will operate in the health structures of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Trento, Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Marche, to which they have been assigned by combining their specific professional skills with the needs of the structures.

This is the second group of staff professionals working in the task force, which joins the first group of 21 professionals in service since March 26 in the hospitals of Bergamo Brescia and Piacenza.

The task force is the result of the operation " Physicians for Covid", launched during the press conference at the Civil Protection Department on March 20. A call for the recruitment of anesthetists, crash team, pneumologists, infectivologists, emergency doctors, geriatricians and cardiologists, on the basis of more than 7900 spontaneous applications collected in 24 hours.

The departure of a third group of professionals is scheduled for the next week. The doctors of this group will work alongside regional healthcare professionals already operating in the hospitals where coronavirus patients are treated.​