news6 ottobre 2023

Phlegraean Fields: volcanic activity status and civil protection measures

The seminar addressed to geologists was held on October 5 at the "Porta del Parco" Auditorium in Naples

Seminario Campi Flegrei ordine geologi Napoli

The objectives of the seminar "Phlegraean Fields: volcanic activity status and civil protection measures" held on October 5 at the "Porta del Parco" Auditorium in Naples were to update professionals on the technical and scientific issues related to the current state of the Phlegraean caldera, illustrate the monitoring activities of the Centers of Expertise, national and regional civil protection planning and current or planned actions in the area.  

"We are at an important and delicate phase in which it is essential to give answers to the population of the Phlegraean area. The effort to address this issue through prevention measures provided by a Decree-Law is good news for all of us who are dealing with the territory and at the same time have the urge to defend it from risks and try to reduce them." With these words, Deputy Head of Civil Protection Department Titti Postiglione opened the seminar along with representatives of the General Directorate for Public Works and Civil Protection of the Campania Region, the National Council of Geologists, the Order of Geologists of Campania and the structure of the Extraordinary commissioner for environmental remediation and urban regeneration of the area of Bagnoli. 

Over 200 geologists participated in the seminar to contribute as "citizen experts" to the Phlegrean population. The geologists participated in a debate that helped clarify several issues and reflect on the fundamental role that earth science scholars play in the civil protection system.  

Speakers included experts from the INGV-Vesuvius Observatory, the National Research Council-Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (CNR-IREA), and the PLINIVS-LUPT Study Center, among others, who provided presentations on technical and scientific aspects of the seminar. 

Interventions also included that of Department Operational Director Luigi D'Angelo, who presented the National plan for volcanic risk in the Phlegraean Fields, and Italo Giulivo, Director of Civil Protection of the Campania Region, who illustrated the routes for assisted and autonomous evacuation of the population from the Phlegraean red zone.