news29 marzo 2024

Phlegraean Fields: training courses for public officials and volunteers have started

Training courses are part of the activities under the Communication Plan to the population, foreseen in Art. 3 of DL 140/2023.

Corso formazione dipendenti pubblici campi flegrei

Yesterday, March 28, at the Auditorium of the Campania Region in Naples, training courses on bradyseism and volcanic risk in the Phlegraean Fields addressed to public officials engaged in civil protection activities and members of educational institutions in the area started. About 300 employees attended this first training day. Other training days will follow in the coming weeks.

The program develops alongside the training for civil protection volunteers, which started on March 23 and included the first 150 participants. This two-day training will be held again in several editions to train all Campania Region volunteers who join the program.

The training activities hosted by the Department of Civil Protection and Campania Region are included in the Communication Plan to the population, foreseen in Article 3 of DL 140 of October 12, 2023. The training sessions are held by personnel from the Department, Ingv, Regione Campania, and affected municipalities.

The training sessions are based on in-depth discussions on volcanic risk in the Phlegraean area, bradyseism, the current crisis, and the civil protection response. Some of the topics covered include the National Service and the regional civil protection system, relevant scientific aspects linked to volcanic phenomena, the National Emergency Planning for volcanic risk in the Phlegraean Fields with its operational stages, municipal planning for volcanic risk, DL 140 regarding the bradyseism phenomenon, the Communication Plan to the population and correct behaviors, and the Rapid Emergency Planning for bradyseism.

Courses for officials are specialized courses that aim to encourage the dissemination of knowledge of civil protection planning-related measures. On the other hand, the program for volunteers intends to thoroughly prepare volunteering organizations to support municipalities in activities directed at the population.