news27 maggio 2021

Online the new website of the Civil Protection Department

The website is designed in compliance with Agid design guidelines for Public Administrations websites

Mockup homepage nuovo sito

At the address it is possible to access the new website of the Civil Protection Department. The new website follows the design guidelines of Agid, Agency for digital Italy of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Agid guidelines define criteria of usability, accessibility and design for Italian administrations, with the aim of providing easier and more intuitive access to services and information for all citizens.

The instititional website of the Department is now completely renewed both in terms of graphics and in terms of content organization, with a lean and agile structure, easy to browse via mobile too.

To offer the user a better browsing experience, the portal is divided into mini-websites.

The thematic areas cover the National Service, voluntary work, risks, civil protection emergencies and international relations. Wide visibility is also reserved to the world of school and young people, training, and the events organized by the Department at national and international level.


The information offer is further enriched with a section dedicated to FAQs, classified by profiles and themes, and a section for maps, classified by type of risk and emergency.

The new website is geared towards every citizen interested in learning more about civil protection issues in ordinary and emergency situations and at the same time, it is a showcase for the activities of the National Service addressed to all those operating in the system.

The website adopts a modular approach that allows the user to access different levels of information ranging from news, dossiers, technical information, regulations and multimedia contributions. For multimedia content, the website integrates photographs and videos published on the Flickr account and YouTube channel of the Department.

The texts, multimedia and data published on the site are protected by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0), with the exception of regulatory provisions and content protected by specific licenses.