news25 novembre 2020

On November 27th a webinar on seismic risk in Sicily

The event is organized under the Department's Risk Reduction Program, implemented within the PON Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020. Registration form available at   this link

The seismic risk in Sicily is at the core of a webinar that will take place on Friday, November 27 from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.

The online event is part of the cycle of seminars organized under the Programme "Civil Protection: towards a stronger governance for risk reduction" by the Civil Protection Department in collaboration with the Territorial Cohesion Agency and the target Regions of the Programme activities. The webinar is realized with the support of the National Research Council.
Following a seismic event, the damage assessment of buildings and infrastructure often shows substantial differences also at short distances or collapses and significant damage at a long distance from the epicenter. The quality of buildings can affect the differences in damage. However, the amplification of seismic motion is often the cause of the damage.

The Sicilian Region is engaged in the analysis of the territory through the studies of Seismic Microzonation. These studies are a necessary condition to map the territory in order to mitigate the seismic risk and improve the emergency system.
During the webinar, organized to provide concrete support to the realization of Level 3 Seismic Microzonation maps, some technical problems related to the numerical calculations of seismic amplification will be discussed, and both strategies and operational methods to achieve optimal results will be identified. Particular attention will be given to the study of volcanic areas.

It is possible to register for the event by filling out this form. Registrations are open until all 250 places have been filled. To participate it is necessary a broadband internet connection and headphones or speakers.