news18 novembre 2020

On November 20 a webinar on benchmarks and seismic risk operational assessment in Calabria

Event registration form available at this link

 An  webinar on benchmarks and seismic risk operational assessment in Calabria.

The webinar, scheduled on Friday November 20th from 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM, is part of the series of seminars organised in the framework of the Programme "Civil Protection: towards a stronger governance for risk reduction" by the Civil Protection Department in collaboration with the Territorial Cohesion Agency and the target Regions of the Programme activities.

Approved by Calabria Region with Council Resolution no. 498 of 2019, the new geography of the Territorial Contests has been redesigned with the participation of the Prefectures and Local Authorities, to gather opinions and share the whole approval process.

 The Territorial Context - the identification of which is one of the priorities of the Department's Risk Reduction Programme - can be defined as geographical areas made up of neighbouring Municipalities that carry out risk reduction activities uniformly, in particular civil protection planning and emergency management. The Territorial Contexts are therefore an important preliminary step for the definition of the Optimal Areas envisaged by the Civil Protection Code.

The online seminar will therefore describe the various phases of the general methodology for the definition of Territorial Contexts, illustrate the critical issues that have emerged and describe the future phases of planning and implementation of the Optimal Areas.

Registration for the event is possible by filling in this form. Registrations are open until the 250 places available have been filled. In order to participate, it is necessary to have a broadband internet connection and headphones or speakers.