news4 aprile 2020

Nurses for Covid: the first team of volunteers departing for health facilities

In this phase of the emergency they will support professionals operating in the regional health sector

A total of 93 medical personnel will reach the health facilities involved in the current emergency, as part of the initiative "Nurses for Covid".

This first group of voluntary nurses will support the regional staff who have been working for months in the hospitals of Emilia- Romagna, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Trentino and Valle D'Aosta, where patients suffering from Coronavirus are treated.
A significant aid with a strong symbolic value - emphasized the Director of the Civil Protection Department and coordinator of the technical-scientific committee on Coronavirus Agostino Miozzo, thanking and greeting the voluntary nurses.
"Thank you for the courage. Many thanks from the Government and the Civil Protection. Thank you for having decided to temporarily leave your daily work to help the colleagues involved in the Covid-19 emergency thus writing an important page of our history" - said Mr. Miozzo -. 

A solidarity drive that involves everyone: doctors and nurses from Central and Southern Italy in support of the territories of Northern Italy severely hit by the emergency, but also healthcare personnel from many countries that intervened with international teams from Albania, China, Cuba, Russia, the United States and Ukraine.
The health structure and the destination of the voluntary nurses departing in these days have been defined by matching their specific professional skills with the needs represented by the different territories.
The task force set up thanks to "Nurses for Covid" - started from a total of over 9,400 spontaneous applications collected in just 48 hours - is composed mainly of professionals from "critical area". These nurses will operate in the intensive care, emergency medicine and first aid sectors in line with the needs of Regions and Autonomous Provinces involved in the fight against the Coronavirus.