news29 marzo 2020

Nurses for Covid: more than 9,400 applications

48 hours to recruit 500 nurses.

The call for 500 nurses for hospitals in the most affected cities for 48 hours remained online. On its deadline, 28 March at 20.00, 9,448 applications were registered.

The establishment of a technical nursing unit is provided for by the Ordinance of the Head of the Department of Civil Protection no. 656 of 26 March. The provision provides that the selection will be carried out by the Civil Protection Department according to the professional experience of the following categories of operators: nurses employed by the National Health Service; nurses employed by health facilities including those not registered with the National Health Service; freelance nurseswith a temporary employment.

As for the Physicians for covid selection, the solidarity expressed exceeded expectations in this case too. Many thanks also to the nurses who, on a voluntary basis, joined the initiative.