news25 giugno 2024

The new video "Volcanic eruptions and bradyseism. The civil protection response" is now online

The video explores volcanic risk and the ongoing phenomenon of bradyseism in the Phlegraean Fields

Copertina Video Campi Flegrei - Evidenza (Eruzioni vulcaniche e bradisismo)

The mini-documentary "Volcanic eruptions and bradyseism. The civil protection response" - realized as part of the Communication Plan foreseen by DL 140 of October 12, 2023, and approved by Decision of the Regional Council (DGR) of the Campania Region 679/2023 - is the product of collaboration between Civil Protection Department, Civil Protection of the Campania Region and Ingv's Vesuvius Observatory.

The short video offers insight into volcanic risk and the phenomenon of bradyseism in the Phlegraean Fields. It focuses on the current situation, provides ground uplift and seismicity data, and discusses the civil protection response to the ongoing crisis.

The mini-documentary introduces the monitoring activities and the 3D animation of the eruptive scenario defined in the National Planning for volcanic risk, which outlines the activities involved in the different operational phases of attention, pre-alarm, and alarm. The new IT-alert public warning system and the Plan for evacuating citizens in the red zone in case of activation of the "alarm" phase are explained, focusing on independent and assisted relocation to twinned Regions and Autonomous Provinces. Finally, the video provides helpful tips for residents in the yellow zone in case of an eruption.

The video is primarily intended for the residents of the Phlegraean area, civil protection volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about bradyseism and volcanic risk to raise awareness and improve preparedness to ensure the adoption of correct behaviors in case of an emergency.

Click this link to watch the video.