news14 ottobre 2022

National Civil Protection Week: concluded the 2022 edition

More than 160 events organized throughout Italy

Settimana Nazionale della Protezione Civile 2022

The 2022 edition of National Civil Protection Week ended with the weekend dedicated to the " I don't take risks - Good Practices of Civil Protection" Campaign. Hundreds of squares throughout Italy were animated by volunteers and citizens, who discussed earthquake, tsunami, flood and volcanic risks.

The event was the final appointment of a week that saw many events throughout the country.

More than 160 initiatives have been organized by Regions, Provinces, Prefectures, Municipalities, Municipal Civil Protection Groups, Volunteer Organizations, the scientific community, operational structures and the schools,  and 20 promoted by the Department. Also, more than 600 squares participated in the campaign "I don't take risks".

Open days, public meetings, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions involved communities and described the world of civil protection illustrating its functioning and activities and enhancing the active role of citizens in risk reduction and environmental protection. But also conferences, technical seminars and exercises engaged Components and Operational Structures of the system, encouraging the sharing of tools, values and knowledge for a more integrated action of the National Service as a whole.

The Week's agenda included initiatives organized with entities that ordinarily operate in areas not strictly related to civil protection, such as the Third Sector.

In the words of the Head of Department Fabrizio Curcio, speaking about the Covid-19 emergency and the crisis in Ukraine, "in the complex society we live in today, the issue of civil protection is increasingly a cross-cutting theme, and it is therefore essential for us to create a network and enhance new synergies."