news4 luglio 2023

A meeting in Pozzuoli to inform the population on the state of the Phlegraean Fields

The Head of the Department, Fabrizio Curcio attended the meeting

Incontro con la popolazione Pozzuoli 3 luglio 2023

On Monday July 3, at 4 PM, an informative meeting was held for the citizens in the red zone, focusing on the volcanic risk in the Phlegraean Fields. The initiative, organised by the Municipality of Pozzuoli, was attended by the Civil Protection Department, the Civil Protection of the Campania Region, the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Pozzuoli, the INGV-National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the Plinius Study Centre and the CNR-Irea.

The aim of the meeting is to encourage the diffusion of correct and official information as a risk mitigation action.

Experts from the scientific community, involved in monitoring phenomena related to volcanic activity and assessing their impact on the different types of buildings, illustrated the main activities carried out by the Competence Centres; in particular, speakers included Francesca Bianco (Director of the INGV Volcanoes Department), Mauro Di Vito (Director of the INGV Vesuvius Observatory), Giulio Zuccaro (Scientific Director of the PLINIVS Competence Centre) and Francesco Casu (researcher at CNR-Irea).

Luigi D'Angelo - Director of the Civil Protection Department's "Operational Director for the coordination of emergencies" office - presented “Il percorso della pianificazione di protezione civile dell’area flegrea” (The path of Civil Protection planning in the Phlegraean area), detailing the different alert levels for volcanic risk, the actions provided for in the operational phases adopted by the Civil Protection system, the reference scenario of the national planning, the twinning plan and the communication campaign dedicated to volcanic risk in the Phlegraean Fields.

The Director of the Civil Protection of Campania, Italo Giulivo, spoke on the regional aspects in relation to the population removal plan recently approved by regional resolution no. 187 of 2023; Ciro Marciano of Acamir-Agenzia Campana Mobilità Infrastrutture e Reti, informed those present on the "Campi Flegrei removal routes in assisted and autonomous mode in the red zone", while Annamaria Criscuolo of the Municipality of Pozzuoli dwelt on the civil protection activities deployed at local level.

In his speech, Fabrizio Curcio highlighted the complexity of the scenario and of the interventions to implement: "The actions described by the institutions involved will need further operational improvements in the future, the work we need to do together does not end today, the path started so far must continue to get stronger over time through the contribution and cooperation of all the actors involved".

At the end of the speeches, the citizens present in the hall and those who followed the meeting via live streaming asked their questions to the experts.